multimodal assignment: internet phenomenon project

internet phenomenon project

For this assignment, students work collaboratively to create and disseminate a media object in the hopes of making it "go viral." It allows media-writing students to experiment with identity construction and popularity online; to gain experience with designing, recording, and editing audio/video; and to plan and manage a multimedia project. This semester-long project includes a concept paper with production schedule, a media object, a social media plan with implementation schedule and evaluation plan, a critique, a team postmort, and a presentation.

concept paper

The internet phenomenon is the actual media object (e.g., YouTube video, e-mail message, photograph, song) students produce and spread. For this assignment, groups submit a concept paper for the internet phenomenon. The concept paper is a short (approximately 500-word) document, akin to proposals for academic writing and treatments for film and television, in which groups present the concept they plan to develop. It includes the name/title of the phenomenon; drawings, images or storyboards; a rationale for the phenomenon; and the intended audience and the purpose of the phenomenon.

social media plan

The social media plan is approximately 500 words long and includes a situation analysis, a discussion of tactics for dissemination of the phenomenon, a schedule for implementation, and a plan for evaluating the success of the social media implementation.

project postmort

In the postmort, groups discuss what went well, what didn't go well, and what they would do differently for future media production and social media implementation projects.

internet phenomenon critique

Students complete the critique independently. This assignment serves as an opportunity for students to reflect on the project individually and to apply concepts discussed during the course to the larger phenomenon of virality/popularity online.


At the end of the semester, groups present their internet phenomena, evaluation plan, and results to the class.