multimodal assignment: the commonplace book

the commonplace book

For this assignment, students create a commonplace book in which they use Tumblr to collect images, words, sounds, or any scrap or snippet to aid with the process of invention. Tumblr allows users to post text, photographs, quotations, weblinks, dialogue, and audio and video clips easily. For the most part, this assignment asks students to curate and comment. They are expected to make a minimum of five Tumblr posts per week for twelve weeks. The baseline requirement for an entry is to post an artifact (e.g., a YouTube video) and to comment on it. However, many of my students have used this as an opportunity to respond at length to what they read/view/hear on- and offline and, in some instances, to share their photography, art, and audio/video compositions.

This assignment runs the bulk of the semester, and it is evaluated simply based on its completeness. In other words, posting sixty entries that include an artifact with commentary within the specified period will receive full credit.