Building Relationships: Online Dating and the New Logics of Internet Culture.


Matchmaking is a tradition as old as marriage itself, and the activities and practices surrounding it have shifted alongside marriage. Building Relationships: Online Dating and the New Logics of Internet Culture  uses an apparatus approach to media analysis to examine logics of compatibility, online dating site procedures, and user narratives of popular matchmaking sites. My investigation serves as a case study to help understand the larger relationship between contemporary identity and what I call matching technologies--the complex of big data, computational processing, and cultural assumptions that power today’s most popular web applications.


1 Romantic Matchmaking and the Marriage Apparatus
2 Procedural Rhetorical Analysis of Three Online Dating Sites
3 Online Dating and the Construction of Subjects
4 Online Dating, Biopower, and Discourses of Success
5 Online Dating, Marriage, and Family in Control Societies
6 Postscript on Technologies of Matching


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Publisher Lexington Books
ISBN Cloth 978-1-4985-0857-5
ISBN eBook 978-1-4985-0858-2